Massage Increases Productivity in the Office

While these symptoms can be based on a person’s ability to manage stress levels, it can also be a result of compiling pressure from a superior or a general company culture. While there is always an expectation to deal with a certain amount of stress in any given role, there are ways to provide support and understanding to staff – which can often come in the form of a simple 10-15 minute massage.

What! A Massage?

Massage is said to increase productivity, reduce stress and ultimately save companies huge amounts of money, year in and year out! Many staff that are bound to a desk all day often experience carpel tunnel syndrome from repetitive typing, neck and back pain from sitting in the one place for too long and eye strain from staring at a computer. A masseuse will not only work tension out of muscles but will also encourage range of movement in the recipient’s body.

Return on Investment

There is a massive benefit to a business 산본 오피 when opting to give staff massages. This simple, yet effective therapy has the ability to save the company thousands of dollars each year on sick days and that’s not all. If your company offers massage as an added benefit, it will undoubtedly give a broader business impression that you are committed to looking after your staff. In reality, the outlay to have a therapist come into the office once a week, for a few hours, and to have each team member out of commission for 15 minutes would be far less costly than having each person off sick for an additional 2 – 3 days per year.

While a massage for each staff member sounds like a complete luxury after the economy has just come out of a recession, in reality, most businesses have been through a battering in the last 2 years. So building trust, understanding and a stress-free environment with staff is crucial to the future success of each and every company.